Business strategy

Direct Sales

  • The Group offers straight fertilisers as an authorised reseller for other manufacturers and their brands
  • The Group’s own trademarked brands are principally for compound fertilisers and include: (some of these brands have been established in Hunan for decades)
    • Xiang Dan 湘氮
    • Xiang Kun Wang 湘坤王
    • Huifengnian滙豐年
    • Jinyizhu 金一珠 (holds the right of distributorship)

Franchise Network

  • Currently 767 franchise stores covering half of Hunan’s 14 prefecture-level divisions with a broad and deep geographical penetration.
  • Each store is established, financed and operated by independent third parties under the “Huifengnian” brand and follows “Huifengnian’s” standardised operational protocols, quality control requirements and service quality.
  • The Company provides franchisee stores with a supply of fertiliser products at competitive prices and consulting/training services throughout the year in exchange for an annual consulting and franchise fee.
  • Most stores also distribute products from other companies, although usually these are complementary products like pesticides, seeds and agricultural equipment.
  • Additional stores can be added to the network for minimal additional cost,



Franchise stores with standardised storefront.


Map of Hunan province illustrating the 14 preferectures that Huifengnian franchise stores currently cover.