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Green China is a rapidly growing fertiliser company that currently operates primarily within Hunan Province in China under the umbrella brand of Huifengnian (滙豐年). The company's core business is the sales and distribution of fertiliser products and the management of a network of franchised chain stores operated by independent third parties. With an established brand name, award winning products and a rapidly growing franchise network, Green China is positioning itself as a leading player in China's fertiliser and agriculture industry.

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The Group's own trademarked brands are principally for compound fertilisers and include: (some of these brands have been established in Hunan for decades)

  • Xiang Dan 湘氮
  • Xiang Kun Wang 湘坤王
  • Huifengnian滙豐年
  • Jinyizhu 金一珠
The Fertiliser Industry

N: Nitrogen is the basic constituent of proteins, enzymes and chlorophyll, and is involved in all the major processes of plant development and yield formation. Nitrogen fertilisers include ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate.

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